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Wellness Care with Chiropractic in San Antonio

Wellness Care with Chiropractic in San Antonio

Many olympic athletes are healthy and are exceptional performers in their specific field; however, even these athletes would fail the wellness test that encompasses the various elements of wellness. Read this article to learn what a chiropractic office in San Antonio has to teach about wellness care.

Your Physical Body

In most cases, when your health is not in balance then your physical body takes the damage. Serious diseases and chronic pain have a big impact on the lives of many even if they are active, eat well, and seem healthy. Exercising and nutrition are very important but there are other factors that affect the body’s health as well.

Emotional Wellness in San Antonio

It is not rare for patients to walk into Culebra Chiropractic with terrible pain that evolves into emotional trauma. One factor of wellness is emotional. In order to be emotionally healthy one needs to let go of past events that linger or cause you pain. Additionally, everyone needs to feel safe to express themselves openly and freely. Carrying painful emotions with you can result physical pain your back and neck.

Social Wellness in San Antonio

Having people in your life that you feel comfortable speaking and sharing time with is important. While some people are more introverted or extroverted, everyone needs different amounts of social interaction. Being able to have a social circle filled with friends and family is important to your overall wellness.

Tying It All Together

During periods where every piece of the wellness machine is functioning at full force it is nearly unstoppable. Chiropractors at Culebra Chiropractic not only fix physical misalignments but also the misalignments with your wellness system that can cause health issues. Chiropractic treatment is effective because it addresses the cause of the physical symptoms at the source. Chiropractic helps misaligned spinal vertebrae that irritate nerves and cause physical pain.

At Culebra Chiropractic we will heal the wellness elements that are negatively affecting your health. Once the real underlying problems are understood, we will produce a solution that will provide you relief and help you lead a happier life.

Our team at Culebra Chiropractic in San Antonio is able to help you to increase the satisfaction and decrease the pain in your life.

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