All about your San Antonio Chiropractor

More than just your local San Antonio Chiropractor, we offer solution to all of your ache, pain and spine problems. We are the most trusted and go­-to choice when it comes to Chiropractor Services. We offer more than just natural treatment that goes beyond other similar clinics. We have been in business for more than 2 decades. When you visit our Texas Chiropractic Clinic, you will be in the safe hands of Dr. Sanford Coe. He has been providing his chiropractic care in San Antonio from more than 12 years. Whether it’s back pain, auto accidents or sports injuries, our chiropractors are capable of relieving patients from all sorts of  pains.

How are our San Antonio Chiropractic Services different?

As the most trusted San Antonio Chiropractor, we understand how pain and aches are disturbing your life. We have treated thousands of patients with varying level of problem and seriousness. We understand that you are seeking relief with minimal pain endurance. We are focused to understand our patients and strive to make them feel comfortable. Our chiropractor in San Antonio offers services like:


● Adjustment-

Dr. Sanford Coe’s years of experience comes in handy while operating thoroughly on chiropractic adjustments. His extensive research and experience makes him one of the top most spinal adjustment chiropractor in San Antonio TX.

Chiropractic adjustments refer to sudden and controlled force to joints. The objective is to reduce the pain and increase the joint movement with proper focus aimed on reducing subluxation. Our offered services include spinal adjustments, back adjustments and neck adjustments. The adjustment decreases pain, improves healing time, relaxes muscles, and improves range of motion. We use cutting­-edge technology to ensure that you are treated with the best quality care. You have got only one spine, take care of it using our San Antonio chiropractor adjustments.

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● Traction-

Chiropractic adjustment is not the only way to relieve back pain. Traction is another method that is applied to get rid of lower back pain. Our chiropractic traction massage includes applying force to patient’s spine through rollers or body weight. Main focus of this massage is to open up spine abnormalities or subluxation by gently stretching the spine and drawing the vertebrae apart. We recommend this service to cervical patients. We have special chiropractic traction table available at our clinic for traction massage only.

● Muscle Stimulation-

Muscle stimulation uses TENS electrotherapy and is extremely beneficial in pain relief and reducing inflammation. Chiropractors place electrodes on the skin and then light electrical pulses are sent to different body parts in order to shorten healing time. There are several types of muscle stimulation therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy being the most popular technique. If a patient has a lot of spasm in injured area, these electrical pulses helps in healing and ends up in relaxing patient’s body.

● Therapeutic Ultrasound-

Chiropractic Therapeutic ultrasound technique is applied on joint muscles that are too tight to allow human adjustments. Using sound waves of different intensities and frequencies, a painless heat effect is produced to increase blood circulation. The heat generated is useful to chiropractors as it reduces spasm and swelling and relaxes body. Tissues are heated at 40­45 degree so that healing process can be fastened. Besides, this technique is used in order to minimize muscles pain and restrict movement dysfunction.

● Hot and Cold Therapy

Do you know when to apply ice or heat on injury or sprain? Ice must be applied in first 72 hours of injury whereas heat must only be applied when prescribed by doctor. Both ice and heat serves contradictory actions. Ice reduces the blood swelling, pain and decreases the blood circulation. Heat increases and encourages blood circulation and both therapies combined help in quick release of fluid from the injured area. It is always advised to end Hot/Cold Therapy with cold therapy. Make sure that you keep towel between injured area and injured area. Relax now by experiencing san antonio chiropractor hot/cold therapy.

● Myofascial Release

Fascia is connective chain of tissues from the top of head to tip of the toe without interruption. Myofascial Release Therapy (MRT) gently stretches the fascia tissue. This therapy bring backs lost flexibility and is usually done after recovering from an injury. MRT is also useful in re­correcting the postural flaws.

● Extremity Manipulation Therapy

San Antonio TX Extremity Adjustments can play an important role in proper joint function. Many people do not realize that chiropractors train very hard in term of adjusting joints. Be it about adjusting ribs, collar bones, shoulder blades, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and feet— we can help.

● Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point are the tender nodules in the muscle that are capable of causing severe pain and dysfunction. With muscles occupying approximate 50% of the our body weight, there are high chances of a muscle turning into a trigger point. An active trigger point will definitely cause pain whereas a latent trigger point would result in weakness. Our San Antonio chiropractic trigger point therapy include services like NIMMO, Ischemic compression and PIR to eliminate these points.

● Core Stabilization Exercises

Our core stabilization exercises in San Antonio TX are designed to decrease compressive forces on the spine, and help you develop quality motor control of your core to help protect your back. These exercises are excellent for everyone. Everyone from young and old persons to professional athletes can be benefited from these exercises. If you have any further doubts, you may ask San Antonio TX Chiropractor Dr. Coe about the “8 Part Basic Low Back Rehabilitation Program”.

● Muscle Energy Techniques

Chiropractic muscle energy technique is a concept developed by Fred Mitchell, D.O. that involves forces generated by the patient and doctor in opposing directions. The goal is to restore proper joint mechanics, proper muscle output tension, and thus improving the position and tone of the muscle and its surrounding tissues.

● Sinus Adjustments

Sinusitis refers to inflammation of para-nasal sinuses. Sinusitis can be aggravating as it is usually very difficult to manage. Our Nasal adjustment in San Antonio is one of its kind for sinus sufferers. It’s a unique treatment option for sinusitis that helps restore proper nasal joint mechanics.

● Electrotherapy

San Antonio TX chiropractor, Dr. Coe is specially licensed in Physiotherapy from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and has a state license to perform electrotherapy. Electrotherapy includes use of controlled electricity to catalyze healing speed and reduce pain. There are many types of electrotherapies used with the most popular being Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).  It includes transmitting tolerable electricity to the electrodes placed on the body. To know more about TENS chiropractic electrotherapy service, visit Muscle Stimulation

● Kinesio Taping

You might have seen some of the athletes wearing colored tapes. They are not some ordinary tapes, they are kinesio tapes. The tape offers many benefits including: limit swelling, limit pain, improve lymphatic drainage, inhibit muscles, activate muscles, and improve proprioception. Kinesio taping is a technique focused on body’s natural healing process. It was found that a flexible tape could help in healing process without restricting blood circulation flow. When it comes to kinesio taping, Dr. Coe and Dr. Jones are San Antonio best chiropractor.

● Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Are you suffering from lower back pain?Don’t worry you are not the only one. Irrespective of age group, spinal problems affect everyone. You can get much needed relief after a gentle spinal adjustment. Our doctors utilize many different techniques with Diversified Technique being the most popular one. Our chiropractic spinal adjustment can decrease pain, improve healing time & range of motion and relax muscles.