Chiropractor San Antonio – You survived an accident. But what is it costing you?

Car accident injuries are unique and usually do not heal very well without specialized treatment. Waiting around day after day, thinking it will get better on its own, could actually make things worse. The longer you go without treatment, the higher the chance that your pain can be permanent.

Don’t let the repercussions of a collision haunt you for the rest of your life. If you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain or headaches due to a car accident, we can help.

Chiropractor San Antonio – Get your life back.

Take control, pick up the phone and call us. We know how to treat this type of injury and we’ve helped thousands of people get back to a pain-free life. Our doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced in offering safe and effective treatments for whiplash and other auto-related injuries.
Although our name says “Chiropractor”, we offer a multitude of therapies, including:

We also take the pain out of billing.

While there are many variables and scenarios in each auto accident, ultimately it’s the responsibility of the at-fault insurance company to pay for your bills. If that is not an option, there are other avenues you can pursue to get the affordable treatment you need. Regardless of your situation, our team is here to help you guide the insurance maze and help protect your medical and legal rights.

Call today and start your journey back to good health.

We are currently accepting new patients and can get you in as soon as possible. Call 210-684-2313 to set up an appointment today.

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What Our Patients Are Saying…

by Owens L. on Blank Business Name

5 years ago, I thought I would have to quit tennis completely. My shoulder injury was becoming threat to my dreams. I was not scared of treatment but of thought whether I would be able to make a comeback ever. If it wasn’t for Culebra Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Coe, I would never have made it back to the court again.

by Gray G. on Blank Business Name

Being involved in a serious car accident, I know how lucky I was to be alive. But even after accident, the after pain was unbearable. No one but Dr. Coe was able to provide me instant relief. He is Demigod for me.

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